Workshop Day

Monday, June 26

Location: LILLIAD - Learning center innovation

Invitees: Open to public

Speakers: Guest Speakers from Lean Community (Research and Industry)

Structure: Presentations and Panel Discussions

Aim: Deliver Lean Values and Practices to Public Audience

Translation: During the Workshop Day, select workshops will have Eng-Fr simultaneous translation provided by ATI Traduction 

Workshop Program  

Notes : 

Morning Sessions : presentations confirmed so far... 

Workshop 1 : Lean & Circular design in the construction industry

Justine Laurent

Managing director at Circulab

Pedagogical Officer of the ESSEC - Global Circular Economy Chair

Philippe Drouillon

Certified Circulab Community member

Consultant in innovation & transformation

Justine Laurent is an experienced change maker specializing in circular design, with 8 years of expertise in circular economy and business design. She co-created the Circulab Toolbox and Circulab Academy, offering tools and training programs in multiple languages to accelerate the transition to the circular economy. Justine works as a consultant for the City of Paris, food companies, and entrepreneurs, focusing on single-use plastics, circular offers, and waste management. She also serves as a guest lecturer at various institutions and holds the position of Pedagogical Officer at ESSEC - Global Circular Economy Chair.

Philippe Drouillon, a Biochemistry engineer, worked extensively in diverse roles at the Solvay Group for over 20 years, including R&D, manufacturing, marketing, innovation, sustainability, and change management. In 2012, he founded Metamorphosis and now serves as an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and trainer. He promotes co-operative models, advocating strategic sustainability approaches like the Circulab and Doughnut models. His expertise lies in sustainable business models, collective intelligence, agile methodologies, innovation, strategy implementation, and partnership building. He also teaches at ICHEC Brussels School of Management and IESEG Business School on topics such as sustainable business and circular economy.

During this 3-hour workshop you’ll understand and master tools of the circular design approach, applied to the construction industry.

This workshop is designed to be team-focus and dynamic and will be organized as following :

1.  Introduction : 




Workshop 2 : Introduction to Lean Construction



The Change Business


PhD Candidate

Centrale Lille Institut


PhD Candidate

Centrale Lille Institut

This 4-hour Introduction to Lean Construction workshop is for those who are new to lean construction and those involved in helping people learn key lean ideas and processes in industry and in universities. We will have lots of fun using several simple simulations to learn key ideas to help people and teams get started with lean in the context of construction.

The workshop will focus on three key ideas in construction – value, flow and pull – exploring them in different ways and from different angles. There will be lots of opportunities to discuss the ideas as well as to experience them in action.

An experienced lean design & construction consultant, Alan has been using a variety of simulations to teach aspects of lean and lean construction for over 20 years following a similar period in management and organisation development.

The workshop will feature simulations focussed on teamwork, collaboration and work organisation. In addition to experienced trainers this workshop will be of value to people who are new to lean and want to develop their own skills. 

Workshop 3 : Fundamentals of Lean/IPD

Laure Ducolombier

Head Of The R&D
« DesignLab »

Bouygues Construction




Following her engineering training at the École Centrale de Lille, Laure completed a CIFRE thesis with the company Norpac, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, on the development of an external thermal insulation system for buildings.

Following this thesis, she took charge of R&D and Innovation at Bouygues Bâtiment Nord-Est, and worked to establish a significant research partnership with Centrale Lille, the « Construction 4.0 Chair ». This Chair has, for 6 years, contributed to the modernization of the construction sector. She led this Chair for Bouygues Construction, working on topics of digitalization, robotization, and industrialization of construction.

As a Lean regional manager, Cory helps DPR projects improve their Lean and Last Planner® practices. He facilitates training and educates their teams on Lean principles as well as tools and techniques, including pull planning, Last Planner®, Target Value Design, and system tools to track commitments for learning and improvement.

Cory’s recent presentations include:

DPR developed an internal Lean Leadership training program to improve awareness of the value of Lean / IPD project delivery and build ambition amongst their employees to inspire project team members to pursue continuous improvement while prioritizing respect for the people. This program has built teams that maximize value for customers and stakeholders by identifying value and eliminating process waste throughout project delivery

During this workshop, you will experience one module of this Lean leadership training program.

Learning Objectives:

Workshop 4 : Adopting Lean Construction to build an efficient material strategy 


Founder & Director



R&D Engineer 


Dominique RENARD-BRAZZI has 25 years of experience in transformation, innovation, and performance improvement in two sectors with strong constraints - automotive and construction. 

In 2019, she decided to create Afleya to help tackle the environmental challenge facing the construction industry. As a follower of Lean management, her goal is to facilitate the environmental transition in the building industry by supporting professionals in their efforts to conserve resources through the reduction of waste and recovery of materials. 

She achieves this by sharing her expertise and simplifying the integration of environmental criteria into the renovation, demolition, or construction process. In addition to founding and running Afleya, Dominique RENARD-BRAZZI is also a co-founder and Secretary General of the French Institute of Lean Construction (IFCL). She also teaches Lean Construction courses at the Ecole Centrale de Lille and at ENTPE.

Fabrice BERROIR is a Senior R&D Engineer at the Sustainable Urban and Built Environment group  of Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). He works in close relationship with construction companies in France, Luxembourg and Belgium towards reduced  environmental impacts and improved productivity. Being involved at every level from strategic orientations to implementation on site, he implemented Lean Construction on more than 50 projects over the past ten years.

His researches are mainly  focused on Supply Chain Management and Construction logistics. He was part of the H2020 project SUCCESS on Construction Consolidation Centres (CCC) and accompanied the implementation and development of several mutualized logistics initiatives. where he strengthened the articulation between CCC, Third Party Logistics and Kitting and reported their economic and environmental benefits.

1. Objective: 

The objective of this workshop is to explore how Lean methods and Lean Philosophy can be applied in the construction sector to improve process efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

2. Content: 

The workshop is organized through presentations and group discussions to enable participants to understand the key impact drivers of the lean philosophy on the envrionemental challenges and apply them in the construction sector. 

3. Expected results:

Participants should be able to understand how to apply Lean methods and the circular economy to optimize construction processes and reduce environmental impact. They should also be able to identify opportunities for improvement in their own construction projects and implement continuous improvement processes to achieve their goals.

Workshop 5 : Set-Based Design and Design for Release – Foundational Practices for Target Value Delivery Success

C.Y. Tsao

Building AEC Learning

Navilean, LLC

On Lean/IPD projects, Target Value Delivery is the framework for project team members to develop and refine the project design so it meets the target program, scope, budget, and schedule. 

Within that framework, projects form cluster groups (e.g., structural, facade, and mechanical + electrical) that advance their designs to eliminate project risks and realize opportunities. 

Fundamental to this effort’s success is Set-Based Design and Design for Release. Join Cynthia Tsao to revisit the case study that she presented on Industry Day at IGLC-30 to understand how project teams can leverage these practices to minimize escalation risks and realize opportunities for innovation across cluster groups. 

Workshop attendees should have a basic understanding of Lean/IPD but it is not required. 

Attendees with more Lean/IPD experience are encouraged to share their experiences in trying to make this happen on their projects to expand the workshop’s discussion and sharing of lessons learned.

Workshop 6 : Introduction to Takt Planning



DPR Construction


Construction Expert





With a background of more than 25 years in Lean Management, in 2007 Fabien founded IMMA (Lean Construction consulting company) and thus participated in the transformation of the construction sector in France and Switzerland. With more than 1,500 projects supported by IMMA's teams, he published one of the first books on Lean Construction in French. To facilitate the transformation, he co-founded Teamoty in 2018. Teamoty publishes software solutions that digitize Lean approaches such as Takt Planning, but above all that facilitate the implementation of value-added supply chains in construction. Today, he is also fully involved in the diffusion of Lean in the French-speaking world and is part of the board of directors and the extended office of the French Institute of Lean Construction.

As a Lean regional manager, Cory helps DPR projects improve their Lean and Last Planner® practices. He facilitates training and educates their teams on Lean principles as well as tools and techniques, including pull planning, Last Planner®, Target Value Design, and system tools to track commitments for learning and improvement.

Cory’s recent presentations include:

If you are new to takt or experienced, join this workshop to help all of us learn together. Takt and visual planning is the future of construction planning! We will use simulations and some fun games to see how well you can think about sequence and flow. We look forward to meeting you all and hope to see you at IGLC-31.

Learning Objectives:

Workshop 7 : Introduction to Collaborative decision-making with Choosing by Advantages (CBA)

Annett Schöttle

Head of refine cell Munich

Dr.-Ing. Annett Schöttle is a partner at refine Projects AG, a business consultancy specializing in Lean Construction and Integrated Project Delivery. 

With a strong passion for transforming the construction industry, she focuses on improving teams and ensuring the successful delivery of projects. 

Annett is an accomplished researcher in the field of lean construction and collaboration, with expertise in decision-making processes, evident through her numerous published papers. 

As a trainer for Choosing by Advantages (CBA), she played a pivotal role in developing a concept for implementing CBA globally for a German automobile manufacturer. 

Additionally, Annett has guided teams in strategic decision-making using CBA and co-founded CollabDecisions, a platform aimed at sharing knowledge on collaborative decision-making approaches.

Choosing By Advantages (CBA) is a powerful system to make collaborative decisions for design and construction that aligns with lean thinking.

Project teams have to make many decisions; waiting for the owner or architect to make them in isolation is not a wise strategy. Teams that systematically use CBA in a collaborative fashion significantly decrease negative design iterations, save time and money for the owner, and reduce team frustration. CBA helps teams align on what is relevant, understand why decisions were made on a project, and find innovative design and construction solutions.

This workshop will provide the basis for CBA. Through exercises, we will discuss best practices to manage the decision-making process.

Learning objectives:

Workshop 8 : Beyond production lines - Perceptions of lean terminology from Japan

Ming Shan (Charmaine) Ng

Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan


University of British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Ming Shan (Charmaine) Ng is an associate professor in Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan. Dr. Charmaine Ng is an experienced architect who worked on several lean-based IPD projects including the Google Bay View Headquarter in California. She completed her PhD at ETH Zurich with research about industry-oriented integrated management in design for sustainable adoption of technologies and digital transformation. Her research foci in Japan include innovations in construction for Industry 5.0/Society 5.0 and integrated workflows in construction history.

Dr. Qian Chen is an assistant professor in University of British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Qian Chen completed her PhD at ETH Zurich with research about systematic approaches to enabling digital supply chain coordination in construction projects when utilizing lean production methods, BIM techniques and optimization algorithms. Her research foci in Canada include digital technologies, optimizing algorithms and project management methods to enable collaboration among stakeholders while accelerating the digital transformation of construction projects.


The objective of this workshop is to explore together how lean terminology from Japan are being perceived in our everyday life beyond the factory’s production lines; and how the various perceptions can be related to our everyday design and construction work.

Programme Rundown


A list of preliminary findings on stakeholders‘ perceptions towards the lean concepts and terminologies as well as how those relate to implementation of lean workflows in everyday design and construction work.

Afternoon Site Tours : Scientific & Industrial Visit (Under Construction)

For workshop participants, a visit of your choice will be included in the programme. 

You will register for the visit at the reception desk when you receive your badge.

Industry & Site visits Program

2:00 - 6:00 pm : Proposal No. 1 - The Arques Crystal Factory

2:00 - 6:00 pm : Proposal No. 2 -The Toyota Factory

2:00 - 6:00 pm : Proposal No. 3 - The Historical Mining Centre in Lewarde

2:00 - 6:00 pm : Proposal No. 4 - The Paris 2024 Athletes' Village by Delta Partners

2:00 - 6:00 pm : Proposal No. 5 - The Administrative City of Lille by Bouygues Construction

2:00 - 5:00 pm : Proposal No. 6 - Centrale Lille - Professor LAFHAJ Team and Laboratory

Proposal No. 1 - The Arques Crystal Factory

This town in the Pas-de-Calais, not far from Saint-Omer, is the seat of world-renowned know-how. Founded in 1825, the very first crystal glassworks were created and developed rapidly thanks to innovative technologies. Specialising in tableware, the Arques crystal glassworks opens its doors to you for a total immersion in its activity. Discover the manufacturing techniques, visit a production unit in full activity which takes you from the drop of molten glass to the finished product. This visit is punctuated by explanatory panels allowing you to know everything about the workings of the factory.

Photos, credit, Arques Crystal Factory

Bus transport provided. Limited to 50 people.

The visit lasts 1H30 and includes

- A presentation of the Arc International Group

- A video showing the different manufacturing processes

- A tour of the manufacturing site

At the end of the tour, participants will have free access to the Arc Outlet shop (Max. 45 min), where they can take advantage of factory prices for the Luminarc, Arcoroc, Christal d'Arques Paris and Chef&Sommelier brands.

Departure by bus from the 4 Cantons Station, Cité Scientifique, at 14.00 - Return to around 18:45/19H15

Proposal No. 2 - The Toyota Factory

The Japanese manufacturer's factory based in Onnaing near Valenciennes has become the leading car factory in France with 260,000 vehicles produced, 50,000 more than in 2021. Toyota's only site in France has carried out work to concentrate vehicle assembly on a single line, reducing the site's production capacity to 400,000 vehicles per year.

Photo, credit, Toyota

Bus transport provided. Limited to 10 people.

The visit lasts 2H30 and includes

- A video presentation of Toyota  Group

- A discussion with the presenters

- A tour of the manufacturing site (1H30)

Departure by bus from the 4 Cantons Station, Cité Scientifique, at 13.30 - Return to around 18:00/18.30 

Proposal No. 3 - The Historical Mining Centre in Lewarde

In the heart of the Hauts-de-France region, come and discover the world of mining at the Centre Historique Minier, the largest mining museum in France! Located on the Delloye pit, an industrial site that was in operation from 1931 to 1971, it is one of the remarkable sites of the Nord-Pas de Calais mining basin, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Immerse yourself in the world of the mine with a guided tour of the coal mining sites: from site to site, in the company of a cultural mediator, travel through time from the time of Germinal to the end of coal mining in 1990. Then complete your discovery with a free visit of the exhibitions and industrial buildings. Large thematic exhibitions take you on a unique human and industrial adventure. Discover the industrial buildings such as the bathroom, the lamp factory and the stable.

Photos, credit Centre Historique Minier

Bus transport provided. Limited to 25 people.

The visit lasts 2H30 and includes

- 1 H free visits of the exhibitions

- 1 H guided visit of the site, audio guide in English

Departure by bus from the 4 Cantons Station, Cité Scientifique, at 13.30 - Return to around 17h30/18:00

Proposal No. 4 - The Paris 2024 Athletes' Village by Delta Partners

Delta Partners is an engineering firm specializing in Lean construction. On this project, we are the project manager and pilot for the entire Athletes' Village river eco-neighborhood, a real estate complex comprising 24 buildings with a surface area of over 50,000m² under new construction. 

It includes 2 office buildings, a 150-room hotel, a 140-room university residence, an aquatic center, 1 arts complex and 14 residential buildings (350 units). The construction program is highly ambitious, as all the buildings are designed to achieve very high energy and consumption labels (NF HQE, E3C1, Bream). 

To achieve these objectives, 50% of the buildings have been designed with structural or facade elements in wood (3D modules, FOB, MOB, and FOB-MOB mix), numerous constructive innovations have been patented (notably for wood-concrete connectors), and many technical opinions are subject to ATEX (technical assessment of experimentation). 

To cope with these constructive innovations, Delta Partners has had to adapt its organizational methodologies for the design study, site preparation and installation phases (assembly of elements designed off-site). 

As many of these elements are industrial components, on-site assembly on this scale is an experiment, requiring long hours of organizational engineering (site phasing, dynamic PIC, site logistics). 

It is also worth noting that this project is probably the first on this scale, and with work devolved to separate trades, to be designed and managed using all the tools and methods of Lean construction, namely collaborative planning workshops, agile LPS® facilitation sessions and geotemporal planning.

Last but not least, it should be noted that this district is located on an island (Saint Denis), and given its location, the project required the creation of logistical flow modeling tools correlated with planning and construction progress, as these represent all production bottlenecks. The modeling tools are currently being patented.

Bus transport provided. Limited to 20 people.

Departure by bus from the metro station 4 cantons Cité Scientifique at 13:30.

Exact meeting time on site: 4:30 pm.

Return time (+/- 30 min): 7:00 pm. 

Arrive to the metro station 4 cantons Cité Scientifique : 10:00 pm +/- 30 minutes.

Proposal No. 5 - The Administrative City of Lille by Bouygues Construction

The city of Lille is undertaking the construction of a new administrative campus focused on efficiency, sustainability, and technological advancements. 

By centralizing 18 government agencies wih 2000 officers, the complex aims to streamline operations and reduce administrative redundancies, improving service delivery efficiency. 

Sustainability measures such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and advanced waste management systems will contribute to a greener passive workplace, with consuptions lower than 79,5 kWh/sqm.year. 

Citizens will benefit from enhanced access to public services through the digital platform and integrated service centers within the complex, resulting in improved user experience and a reduction in travel time. With an investment of €94 million, new administrative campus is the most important public civil project.

This visionary project positions Lille as a model for administrative excellence and sets a precedent for future urban developments.

 Limited to 20 people. Access by Metro line 1 + 2 / Porte des Post Stop.

The visit lasts 2H30 and includes

- 1 H Project Presentation and its Focus

- 1 H guided construction site 

Departure from the 4 Cantons Station, Cité Scientifique, at 13.30 - Return to around 17h30/18:00

Proposal No. 6 - Centrale Lille - Professor LAFHAJ Team and Laboratory

Visit the Villeneuve d'Ascq University Campus in Lille, France, and explore Professor Zoubeir LAFHAJ's cutting-edge Construction 4.0 laboratory. 

Witness groundbreaking advancements in integrating digital technologies and automation into the construction industry. 

Experience the innovative spirit and vibrant academic environment of the campus. Discover the future of engineering and technology in construction.

Join us for an exclusive visit to Centrale Lille and the Laboratory Buildings, where you'll have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge developments in the construction 4.0 field. Limited to a small group of 15 people, this 2-hour visit promises an immersive experience.
The itinerary begins at 14:30, departing by foot from the 4 Cantons Station, Cité Scientifique.
For the first hour, you'll delve into the fascinating world of Centrale Lille and the Laboratory Buildings, gaining insights into their innovative research and facilities.
The second hour is dedicated to captivating demonstrations showcasing the current work in the construction 4.0 field.
We estimate the visit to conclude around 17:30, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in construction technology.

Dorra Karmaoui 

PhD Student

 Centrale LILLE

IGLC-31 Workshop Day Committee Chair

Ming Shan (Charmaine) Ng

Associate Professor 

 Kyoto Institute of Technology

IGLC-31 Workshop Day Committee Member

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